Realise the value of skill-based allocations

Ensure customer satisfaction and high-quality delivery. Increase profitability and become more competitive!

98% (26)

Productivity & Efficiency

Skill-based allocations across the company mean faster work, more satisfied clients and higher utilization rates and earnings.

Better overview

Gain a better overview of the expertise possessed by highly specialised lawyers for each case. Put together the right team for the right client and case!

Higher quality

Optimize your decision-making processes. Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in the company with streamlined competence development.

Increase the utilization rate by up to 20% per lawyer through skill-based allocations and increase the top line by 10-15% in the first year.

What our customers say

“We needed a more effective way to allocate lawyers based on expertise to customer projects. This process used to be very cumbersome as knowledge and competencies are highly specialised. After implementations our allocations are better."

“My role is to ensure that we have the right systems for information availability. This is necessary for quality in the allocation of personell to customers. After we implemented Quadim the quality and speed of operations has widely increased.”

“I was hesitent at first, but I really now see the benefit of Quadim. I used to prefer working with only a handful of colleagues, however, with Quadim I can actually search up and get help / collaborate with more of my colleagues.”

Case requires specialist skillsets and the right combinations

"Allocating the right people to the right case can be quite complex" 

"We are a medium sized law firm that also collaborates with another law firm to ensure we cover most areas of expertise. When we get a new client, we ask the client to give some initial information about what they need help with. As one of the administrators, it is my job to search the organization for available and interested partners and associates with the right expertise to take on the client. The allocation process can be quite an complex and requires not only knowledge of the skillset of the 300 lawyers, partners and associates at the firm, but also an overview of the cases the firm has solved which are of similar nature. After we started using Quadim, the searching process has become so much easier. It ensure that we pick out the best suited people for any case."

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We increased quality and efficiency

"The key lies in the combination between experience, case and skills". 

"The key to quality and efficiency of administrating knowledge across the organization is to learn from previous cases whilst leveraging knowledge of everyone. This requires good systems. We initially solved this by creating our own skill matrix, dividing the organization into several knowledge areas and roles. However, we found that this became difficult to maintain. It also was not detailed enough so we built a knowledge bank of all previous cases. With Quadim we now have an overview which is so much better. The quality of the data is truly remarkable, and the administrators use the system for allocation and communication, whilst the other lawyers are now using the system to collaborate and get faster help on questions. It saves us time, and increased the quality in our offerings to our clients."

The benefit of getting help fast with a data-driven system

"I underestimated the value of my colleagues skillsets". 

"I must admit that I was sceptical at first. I do not like systems and mentally I think it is easier for someone else in the organization to have overview. However, after implementing Quadim, I really became consicous at how often I come across client situation where it would be good to get someone else's opinion. Quadim has really allowed me to explore my colleagues and be proud of the organization. I need a reminder every now and then, but generally I update my profiles."

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Build a common skill hub for effective knowledge management 

"Using the skill definition library we finally took our knowledge management and skill organization to the next level. We have built a data-base around the skillset we believe is important for our offerings. For the younger associates, it means that they can easily add skills to their profiles and dashboard that they need to develop to become a full authorized attorney."

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Organise law firm into client cases

Administration can now use the sub-network module to create new client cases. Create a sub-network, define the case, invite suitable partners, associates and quickly assemble an appropriate team for the client. The invited people, can either accept or decline invitations. After the case is close, add a link to the knowledge system and everyone at the firm can get access to who solevd the case, and the outcome. Faster, more efficient, and a fantistic resource for help.

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Improve the efficiency and quality of bids!

Quickly set up competence matrices and gain better insight, increased efficiency, and quality in the bidding processes. Place the right team with the right client and case!

Gain immediate control over the company's strengths and weaknesses.
Enhance internal expertise and knowledge sharing across departments.


Tip! Easily add competence from the library.

Visualise the result

The partners use the graphs to decide on where they need to strenghten their offering to remain competitive.

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Find the right person for the right case and client

Increase the efficiency and utilization rate per lawyer in the company. Allow employees to share their competences and who they are profesionally. 

Search and find the right combinations of competence & knowledge
Get faster help with lawyer questions


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All in one place

Now, you can have one-on-one communication and centralize allocation and messages.

Plus, communicate within sub-networks to help others in similar situations.

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Higher success rate. More efficient work. Satisfied employees & clients.

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