One Platform for Business Competence Needs

Tired of having multiple systems that touch upon skills and competencies, but quality data eludes you?
Search no more, try Quadim today. 

Hybrid platform

A platform built to generate data quality and create value for all users.

Multiple profiles

Each employee can create many profiles representing their multiple capabilities.

Competence goals

Each employee get access to their own personal competence system.

Precise skill definitions

Build precise skill definitions with many relationships that are representative of your business.


Communicate one-on-one, or disuss topics with others in sub-networks.

Key competence indicators

Competence mapping and live data with just a click. Amazingly simple and powerful.

Effective search

Find the difficult combinations of skills. Increase speed of collaboration with better overview.

Flexible sub-networks

Organise the organization with sub-networks - create departments, projects, job offers etc.


Empowering businesses with better skill data

For many businesses Quadim is replacing cumbersome Excel files and CV databases. It provides a live overview of individuals' real experiences and competence. It shows not only what they can do, but also how good they are at it.

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View and share skills profiles 

All employees get access to their own personal competence system which includes; many profiles, skill dashboard, competence goals among others. It has never been a better and more fun way to share competencies and skills. 


Connect and search company capabilities

Allow employees to share who they are profesionally and what their expertise is. Our data-driven approach allows you to find the difficult combination of skills. Result? Faster collaboration, higher employee engagement and better overview for all.  

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Organise your business using sub-networks

Create teams, departments, subject matter networks or use it for internal roles and mobility or customer projects. With a tagging system, sub-network is the flexible way to organise the business. With open sub-networks, employee can find and ask to join the groups themselves. Self-organization is always faster. 

Unlock your organization's true capabilities

One Platform for Skills & Competencies 

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