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What is a Public Skill Definition Library and why did we build one?

A competence platform that stand the test of time and continue to provide value for its users despite the high pace of change.



A major issue for many competence, CV or talent management systems is that their skill tags often are incomplete, provide poor data quality, and can only indicate competence as tags often stand alone without context.

With Quadim we have solved this issue.


Introducing Skill definitions and Public Skill Definition Library

Our desire with Quadim was to create a competence platform that could stand the test of time and continue to provide value for its users despite the high pace of change. One way to accomplish this was to create a Public Skill Definition Library - a global library accessible to all users where they can search for existing skill definitions or submit their own skills definitions and make them available to other users.

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Skill definitions are a complex set of skill relationships which can be categorised and classified. They provide a structured framework for professional development and knowledge of key skills within a field. We have not only created a system that can handle both complexity and precision. With Quadim we let the expert communities themselves define their own skills and competence. 

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What is really competence?

Competence is defined as the ability to do something successfully or efficiently (Merriam-Webster). That means competence is often a combination of different skills and skill sets. However, with rapid technological advancements, skill and competence requirements can quickly change and evolve together with our understanding of their importance. Thus, the complexity inherent in competence, makes it incredibly hard to solve in a system. 

How to avoid redundancy?

The danger when creating a competence system is always that the system becomes outdated and redundant too fast due to the system’s inability to handle change. When speaking to businesses, public sector, consultancies and other knowledge/skill heavy industries, it became apparent that the graveyard of past failed competence systems was large. Thus, we knew that we had to find a better solution. And we have done exactly that.

The benefits of Quadim

The platform is truly interactive and will be able to evolve and grow together with its users - both individuals, businesses and the global Quadim community. In this way, the Quadim users can be sure and have confidence that the system is ready to support their skill development over long periods of time.

What about data-quality?

A submitter of approved skill definitions becomes the maintainer of that particular skill definition in Quadim. Which means they will be able to accept or reject changes to that skill definition from others in the community. An accepted change becomes a new version of the skill definition and all people that use that skill definition in their profiles and skill dashboards will be able to track changes in their area of interest and expertise. They can then choose to update the existing version of their skill definition they are using if they feel they master it, or decide to hone their skills before updating. 

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Allowing the experts to maintain the general knowledge of skills within their expertise, can also greatly assist knowledge sharing between professionals and those developing professionally in any given area. Let us be real, for any professional dedicated to their expertise, there is an ongoing effort and investment to maintain competences and being updated on advancements in a given field. Thus, the public skill definitions become a type of skill road map, effectively reducing everyone’s time to keep updated on advancements in their field.

Businesses can build their own Skill Definition Libraries

One of the perks for businesses using Quadim is the ability to build their own Organisation Skill Definition Library as part of their competency mapping and management. Thus, we are now giving the keys for organisations to actually be able to map and understand skill sets in their own organisation. 


Join the data-driven skill evolution today by creating an account at Quadim Competence Platform or contact us for a demo of business modules.

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